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Apartment Movers Jacksonville: Moving FAQs - Commonly Asked Questions

Posted on: September 11, 2020 Baymeadows Moving and Storage September 11, 2020

Looking for apartment movers in Jacksonville to oversee your relocation? Find out more about how we can help you at Baymeadows by reading the following commonly asked questions.

Apartment Movers in Jacksonville, FL - Baymeadows Movers

What’s the going cost of relocating?

Essentially, the overall cost depends on several factors, such as whether it’s a local or long-haul transfer and if you’ve requested hourly rates as opposed to a package price. As well, the weight of your shipment plays a factor in costs.

What is a quote and is it free?

Typically, people request an in-home quote to get a good idea of how much their move will cost. In this situation, one of our experienced team members will come to your location and assess your inventory to be able to quote an accurate estimate. And, yes, it’s free, even if it’s a long-distance move!

When will my household belongings arrive?

Since the arrival of your belongings depends mostly on transit time, though distance and weight of the shipment also play a role, our apartment movers in Jacksonville can provide you with a rough estimate of when your items will be delivered. However, local moves are a lot easier to calculate and you’ll get a very clear idea of delivery date. In either case, our professionals will let you know before they load your items when you can expect them.

Do you offer moving supplies and packing support?

Yes, we offer both moving supplies drop-off services and packing support, though you can choose to have one or the other if you prefer. Our supplies are high-quality, and our professional packers have ample industry experience.

Will my move be insured?

Our clients can rest assured that their relocation will indeed be insured. In this respect, there are two types of moving insurance available:

  • Minimal protection – which is normally at no additional cost to the client and is usually included in their relocation services.
  • Replacement value – which is an extra package and is subject to an assessment of valuables being transported.

Do you offer storage and warehousing?

At Baymeadows, we also have storage and warehousing facilities that can safeguard your belongings, with short or long-term options. Many households depend on us to safely store their personal possessions until they need them again.

When should I begin planning my move?

Usually, we recommend planning your move no less than six weeks before your reserved moving date. As such, it’s essential to find a company for your relocation a maximum of eight weeks before the big day, to ensure everything works out smoothly.

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