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Planning a move to the city of St Augustine? The first step is to find an experienced moving and storage company to help you work out all the details from start to finish. The highly trained team of professionals at Baymeadows Moving and Storage will deliver the quality moving services you require to make your relocation successful. Movers to St Augustine, FL can rest assured that our personnel has the right skills and experience to ensure every phase of the move is simple and stress-free. Once the right moving services are secured, you can focus on all the exciting features your new home town has to offer.

A city that contains both rich history and tranquil surroundings, you will find St. Augustine is a very charming place to call home. St. Augustine is often referred to as the nations oldest city, as it is the oldest European founded city that has been continuously inhabited within the U.S. Movers to St. Augustine, FL that enjoy learning about how the city was founded will enjoy exploring Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. Here visitors can visit the planetarium, among other attractions, to learn how early explorers used the stars to guide them to the new world.

If outdoor sports are more your style, then you won’t be disappointed. Sandy beaches stretch across 43 miles, making this area the perfect backdrop to fish, surf, and para-sail. The many local marinas make it easy for boaters to access the water by sea or river. One beach you won’t want to miss is that of Crescent Beach, located just 15 minutes south of the historic city center. Here, movers to St. Augustine can enjoy some of the most pristine and unspoiled beach property in all of Florida.

We at Baymeadows realize that our customers often find themselves on a tight relocation schedule. This sometimes makes it difficult to take the time one normally would in setting up their new home. Fortunately, we offer climate-controlled storage solutions that can be a great help. Whether it be furniture, extra boxes of clothing, or collectibles, we have a storage unit to suit your needs. You can rest assured that our storage facility is kept at a consistent temperature to resist damage that can often be caused by over exposure to humidity, a common problem in Florida climates.

Do you have further questions about how we can help with your next relocation? Contact us today and learn more about why Baymeadows Moving and Storage is the preferred choice of movers to St. Augustine, FL.

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