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Baymeadows Jacksonville, FL: Professional Movers Share Tips on Which Spaces in Your New Home You Should Clean Before Moving In

Posted on: November 6, 2020 Baymeadows Moving and Storage November 13, 2020

If you have a residential move coming up, Baymeadows Jacksonville FL can expertly handle all your long-distance and local moving needs. However, before actually starting the moving process, you might want to give your new home a shine and clean the key areas to get you off to a good start.

Baymeadows Jacksonville, FL

Here is what Baymeadows Jacksonville FL moving experts suggest:

Start from the top

Any proper deep clean should be performed from the top and then continued downwards. That being said, start with dusting and wiping the ceiling, walls, corners, overhead fixtures, ceiling fans, and thoroughly clean the windows with specialized products to remove all the dust and spider webs that might be stuck to surfaces. If you are not planning to put on a new coat of paint, consider washing your walls instead.


Once you have finished wiping and dusting the walls, it might be a good idea to move on to the bathroom. Since you are likely to use this area more than once during the cleaning process, it is important to sanitize and clean everything properly. First clean the bath/shower, then the medicine cabinets and sink, and finish off with the tiles. It might be better to place a new shower curtain and change the toilet seat than to clean what the previous owner or tenant left behind.


Besides the living room, the kitchen is the area of the home families spend most of their time in, so you will want your kitchen spotless. Before placing any groceries in your pantry or cabinets, these areas should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. You can simply use baking soda and water to do this. Proceed by giving the oven, stove, countertops, and dishwasher a deep clean. Pro tip – opt to use steel wool to get rid of all those stubborn stains.


Last but not least, after you have finished cleaning every frequented area of your new home, remember to sweep the floors and pay special attention to places under heating vents and appliances. You will probably need to mop your floors once more after Baymeadows Jacksonville FL or some other moving company brings in your stuff, but it is important to perform this chore several times during the move, especially if it is rainy outside. If you are moving into a home with fixated carpets, make sure to schedule a professional steam cleaning service.

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