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Baymeadows Movers Offer These Home Staging Ideas to Prepare Your House for Sale

Posted on: July 20, 2018 Baymeadows Moving and Storage July 26, 2018

baymeadows moversStaging your home is one of the most significant steps you can take to give prospective home buyers the best possible first impression. It is up to you to showcase the features of the home and its overall cleanliness. Baymeadows movers offer you these tips to help stage your home for a fast and profitable sale.

Outside First

  1. Curb Appeal – Nothing says first impression more than when a potential buyer first drives up to your home. Make sure the lawn is kept mowed, use a pressure washer to scrub the driveway and sidewalks. If there are any bald spots in your lawn, reseed them. If you have flower boxes, keep them filled with beautiful blooms.
  2. Clean and Well Marked – Make sure the address is displayed prominently on the street side of your home. If your front door looks shabby, apply new paint or stain. Make sure your porch or front door lights work and that there is an attractive and clean doormat.
  3. The Backyard – If you have a deck, be sure to add clean outdoor furniture, and if you have room, a firepit. The idea is to create an incredible first impression.

Inside Last

  1. Cleanliness – It can be hard to keep your home clean while it is still being lived in, especially when you have kids. But you need to present prospective buyers with a sparkling clean home.
  2. Clutter – While you and your family might not mind the clutter, it needs to be removed before showing your home. You can always put your excess items in the secure storage provided by Baymeadows movers.
  3. Those Carpets – Be sure to steam clean your carpets to remove all traces of dirt and pet odor. Then, keep them frequently vacuumed until you find a buyer.
  4. The Windows – No one likes to wash windows, but this step will also go a long way towards helping to sell your home.

Extra Tips

Baymeadows movers offer these extra tips to help you sell your home more quickly and be ready to move into your new home more quickly.

  1. Add cut flowers to several locations around your home.
  2. Add a basket of fresh fruit to your kitchen counters.
  3. Use things like art and brightly colored carpets to encourage potential buyers to explore every room in the house.
  4. Add a diffuser with essential oils or boil a pot of water on the stove with apple cider to fill your home with their amazing smells.

If you would like more information on staging your home for sale, moving your household goods to your new home, or storage, contact Baymeadows Moving & Storage today!