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Baymeadows Movers Tips: Choosing a Roommate

Posted on: March 9, 2018 Baymeadows Moving and Storage March 19, 2018

What to Consider When Choosing a Roommate
If you are moving to a dorm or an apartment, you may be considering finding a roommate. Choosing a roommate isn’t always easy, but your decision will be simplified if you make a list in advance of the type of individual you would want to live with. We, at Baymeadows Moving and Storage, recommend considering the following:  

Consider your work or school schedule. Do you prefer someone on the same schedule as you?  Some people who cohabitate actually prefer that the roommate has the opposite schedule, so they don’t see each other frequently. This can work well as long as the roommate can be respectful during the other’s sleeping hours.

Shared Living Space
Will you have shared living space like the kitchen or bathroom? Many Baymeadows Moving and Storage customers have shared with us that communal space has been a hot button topic in previous living situations. If so, are you a clean freak, a cluttered mess, or something in the middle of those extremes? You need to know in advance if you will be compatible in hygiene and personal habits. It is best to come to an agreement in advance about things like dishes and other housekeeping chores.

Free Time
It is important to consider what type of activities you and your roommate will have in common. Do you both enjoy outdoor sports, or are you a homebody who loves to watch a lot of television? Your companion’s television may disturb you, especially if the volume is up a little louder than you would like. Do either of you like to entertain family and friends? It may be suitable to agree on a curfew for guests to leave on weeknights or weekends. A calendar can help you plan out your time so that you don’t entertain on the same days.

Also take into consideration both of your current professions. Many people work remotely, which can be an adjustment for some household members. If one of you is working remotely, you will need to set boundaries about not being disturbed during work hours. You will also need to set up an adequate workspace which is ideally not contained in the living areas you share with your roommate.

The same considerations go for those people who are students. Set out a designated place for studying where you can you spread out your books and papers without having them disturbed if you take a break. Studying late into the evening with lights on may disturb your roommate in a small shared space. Be sure to work out these arrangements ahead of time.

Although it may seem like a lot of factors to consider, you will be happy that you invested the time into choosing a roommate carefully. Remember, if you have questions about how to plan your move successfully, you can call Baymeadows Moving and Storage for assistance.