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Buying a Home with a Swimming Pool? Tips from the Jacksonville Moving Companies you Trust

Posted on: February 22, 2019 Baymeadows Moving and Storage February 22, 2019

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All Jacksonville moving companies know that many local families, and new residents, dream of being able to enjoy the Florida climate from the comfort of your own home by having a pool, deck, patio, or sunroom. We’ve helped many families move into their dream homes, complete with a pool and backyard area, and we’ve also helped families move away from homes that became too labor intensive to be enjoyable. Jacksonville Moving Companies, Baymeadows Moving and Storage

If you’re considering buying a home with a pool, our Jacksonville moving companies have put together these tips:
1. Get the facts about the pool. You’ll need more information than just what’s on the real estate listing about the presence of the pool. When was it constructed? How was it constructed? How old it is—and how well it was made—can give you some hints about the level of upkeep you can expect.

2. Talk to your insurance agent. Owning a home that has a pool will change the homeowner’s insurance policy that you’ll need. Your agent can give you more info about the particular costs for your home and pool, as well as some insight as to how policies for that neighborhood or style of house are generally written and estimated.

3. Investigate the neighborhood. Part of guessing how much you’ll want and need the pool, later on, is knowing what other swimming opportunities are accessible. If there’s a community aquatic center just a few blocks away, chances are your neighbors (or kids!) will want to spend time swimming with you communally instead of at a private pool. But also, if there are no opportunities to swim nearby, that might be an indicator that the climate your new home is in doesn’t lend itself to being able to swim during most of the year.

4. Look up pool maintenance needs. From pool chemicals to general upkeep and periodic maintenance, there are regular costs you’ll face in owning a pool. You can look up services from local companies to understand the price points you’ll need to be comfortable with if you do decide to buy a home with a pool.

5. Consider your family’s safety. Families with very young kids or very young pets may want to be more cautious about owning a pool. Even if you’re comfortable with the higher insurance cost, consider whether you’re comfortable with the risk itself.

Jacksonville moving companies know many families who love the use of a private pool many months of the year here in town. A pool can be a great opportunity to exercise, socialize, relax and unwind. But if you’re getting ready to buy a house with a pool, there are both pros and cons to weigh, and you should enter that situation knowledgeably.
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