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Change of Address Checklist from our Baymeadows Jacksonville, FL Movers

Posted on: March 27, 2020 Baymeadows Moving and Storage March 27, 2020

Planning a move? Well, our Baymeadows Jacksonville, FL movers would like to help remind you to change your address with your current providers with this handy Change of Address Checklist. While you’re no doubt trying to multitask, providing your new address right away to several essential services will make sure you avoid any future disruptions. Skip the service lapses or missed bills thanks to our Baymeadows Jacksonville, FL professionals!

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Post office

Transfer your mail to the new address for 12 months or more at your local post office. You can go in person or fill out their online form.

Tax agencies

As soon as possible, notify your state tax agency and the federal revenue agency of your change of address via their online form. There’s a simple form to fill out online for the IRS as well.

Social Security

Call social security or fill out their form online if you’re receiving any kind of social security benefits so there’s no delays in payments.

Gas and electricity

Obviously, you’ll want to do this one right away, since functioning in your new house without gas or electricity won’t be much fun! Try and consider your moving dates well, as you don’t want to risk transferring them too soon or too late.

Internet, phone, and cable

How long have you tried surviving without internet? Don’t answer that – just the thought can be terrifying! As with electricity and gas, internet, phone, and cable are equally essential services. As well, this also includes your mobile phone. Give the companies a call as soon as you know your new address.

Banks and credit card companies

Usually, you can make a quick change online for banks and credit card companies, so it’s pretty simple for an upcoming move. Don’t forget to transfer to your new address with loyalty programs too.

Insurance providers

You’ll need to notify your different insurance providers, such as life, car, dental, and health insurance. As with many other agencies, providers typically allow their customers to change their contact information via the internet.

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