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Climate Controlled Storage Units – Jacksonville, FL

What to Consider When Looking for Climate Controlled Storage Units in Jacksonville, FL

climate controlled storage - Baymeadows - Jacksonville, FL

If you are planning to use a storage unit, you are probably wondering if your items are safe in a non-climate controlled unit. Most goods in a non-climate controlled facility will be safe. However, Baymeadows company owner, Mike McCreary, recommends considering a climate controlled storage unit if your items are sensitive to changes in temperature.

What is meant by “climate controlled storage”?

Are you looking for a safe facility to store your most precious items? If so, Baymeadows has modern units you can use for all your storage needs. Our climate controlled storage units are situated in sections within a floor where the range of temperature is controlled. For these kinds of units, the general industry standard ranges between fifty to eighty-five degrees.

At what point do you require these storage units?

Now that you have a good idea of what the climate controlled storage units are, what you need to determine is whether or not you require one. Before you can decide, you need to think about what you want to store and the duration of time you’ll need the items stored. If you need to store your delicate items for a short period, you may need to do without these facilities depending on where you live or what time of the year it is.

However, you need to remember that the most delicate items need to be placed in the Climate Controlled Storage facilities. Also, keep in mind that even a unit like this is not suitable for items such as pianos, certain artworks, or appliances requiring narrower temperature variation. Before making any decisions, you need to consider the above benefits and drawbacks.

Where can you find these types of storage facilities?

Climate Controlled Storage units can be found at Baymeadows Moving & Storage. Not all companies offer this kind of storage option so, don’t assume that you’ll have climate control in any other facility. Therefore, when searching for a moving and storage company that offers climate-controlled storage, look no further than Baymeadows.

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