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Creative Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes from our Movers in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Posted on: April 13, 2020 Baymeadows Moving and Storage April 13, 2020

After your big day has come and gone and you’ve finally unpacked the last container, you may be suddenly overwhelmed by how many empty boxes you have around. Though you could simply recycle them or give them away, there are actually several great ideas for turning leftover boxes into something new and creative. Here are a few suggestions from our Baymeadows movers in Jacksonville, FL.

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The magic of sending postcards to loved ones is still alive and well. And with several boxes at your fingers and your trusty pair of scissors, you can create your own unique designs. Simply cut out a few 6″ x 4″ rectangles and decorate them however you’d like. Kids will especially love this activity! After decorating your postcards, fill out the address, add a stamp, and send it off.


Plain brown cardboard boxes aren’t particularly attractive on their own. But with some washi tape and your imagination, you can turn them into all sorts of different organizers for your new home.

Weed Control

Control weeds in your garden with cardboard and create a lovely backyard. Scrape away a few inches of soil in areas that get a lot of weeds. Lay down a flatten box, hosing it liberally to soak it through. Immediately afterwards, replace dirt over the cardboard. The box will eventually break


Announce a bake sale or yard sale in style with a nifty poster. Cardboard boxes are excellent for making large signs for other events too, like an upcoming sale or Happy Birthday banner.

All-Purpose Container

Turn a cardboard box into a handy all-purpose container to keeps things neat and organized. This can be especially useful for your car, where you can keep things like your jumper cables, washer fluid, and emergency kit from rolling around in the trunk.

Aside from your car, there are plenty of other places that could benefit from a handy organizer. Use it as a collection box for items to donate, toy storage, a recycling bin, trash can or even as a laundry basket. There’s truly no limit to its uses!

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