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Apartment Movers in Jacksonville, FL Serving Gainesville and Beyond

When moving into an apartment in Gainesville, FL, you need the services of Baymeadows Moving & Storage, your expert apartment movers in Jacksonville

If you are planning to move into an apartment while in college at the University of Florida, you need a team of experienced apartment movers from Jacksonville to help make the move go smoothly from start to finish. Moving into an apartment is different from moving into a house. There is typically far less space, possibly flights of stairs to deal with, and in most cases, less stuff to move. At Baymeadows Moving and Storage, we have teams who specialize in apartment moves. They know how to navigate obstacles like parked cars, flights of stairs, and narrow hallways to ensure a seamless and stress-free move. Our teams also know all about the local area and offer these three fun things to do in the Gainesville, FL area.

Apartment Movers in Jacksonville, FL - Baymeadows Moving and Storage serves Gainesville

Florida is the perfect place to spend lots of time outside, so we picked three of the most popular indoor and outdoor activities for you. At Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation, a not-for-profit endangered species and exotic animal rescue. In the park there are breeding facilities, 28 different species, and over 75 animals at any given time. Be sure you catch the big cats feeding demonstrations. At the Florida Museum of Natural History there are numerous permanent exhibits, including skeletons of a Wooly Mammoth and a Mastodon. The museum also has several temporary exhibits that change throughout the year. There is also Discovery Zone hands-on exploration area for kids under 8 to enjoy. When you visit the Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, take the nature trail where you can look down into a sinkhole that is 120 feet deep and features a miniature rainforest growing at the bottom of it. People have been visiting this park since the 1880s.

Whether you’re moving into the Gainesville, FL area for school, business, or pleasure, you need apartment movers from Jacksonville that know the area, the traffic, and the best times to deliver your belongings. At Baymeadows Moving & Storage our teams have decades of experience in apartment moving you can count on to get the job done right and ensure a seamless stress-free move.

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