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Making a New House into a Home Housewarming Tips from Baymeadows Movers

Posted on: December 20, 2018 Baymeadows Moving and Storage February 13, 2019

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If you’ve just moved, you might be familiar with that feeling of being not-quite-at-home in your new space. Until you’ve taken the time to customize the space to your daily needs and your style, it might not really feel like yours! Baymeadows movers knows that it’s important to get unpacked and make your new space liveable so that you can have continuity for your job or education, but it’s also important so that you can truly feel comfortable in your new house. If you have a friend or family member who just moved, you can help them feel at home too with these housewarming tips. Baymeadows Movers, Baymeadows Moving & Storage - Jacksonville, FL

Complete your unpacking process. This seems obvious, but boxes of lesser-used items are often put aside, or an office or guest bedroom will get turned into a storage area simply because there are too many boxes in it to make the space useable. Dedicating the time to unpacking every box will help make each room in your new home useable. Baymeadows movers offers comprehensive packing and unpacking services to make this step easier for all our clients.

Get that cardboard out of the house. We’re guessing that empty boxes in the corners of rooms or hallways is not your usual décor, so get them out of your new home, too. Not only does this free up space in your home to keep unpacking and keep rooms clear, but it also helps each space feel more like it’s yours.

Get out your décor items. Hanging art and family photographs, placing collectibles on shelves, and other small touches will make a big impact on making the new space feel more like it’s actually yours. Tasks that are part of unpacking, like pairing lampshades with lamps or getting art out of crates, can also be an opportunity to find these items good spots in your new home. If you’ve used packing and unpacking services from Baymeadows movers, you can be sure that your art, heirlooms, lampshades, collectibles, and other items are all in good shape and ready to be unpacked into your new home.

Get and give housewarming presents. Whether you’ve just moved or your friend or family member has, the housewarming gift has two functions: to acknowledge that someone just achieved something that was stressful, and to help them make a home out of their new house. Candles can add light and warmth, coffee mugs and coffee beans can help someone enjoy their new kitchen, and potted plants can bring a little nature and life indoors. All of these items make a space feel comfortable, lived-in, and like it belongs to you.

Feeling at home in your new space is important, as is helping friends and family who have moved adjust to their new homes with housewarming presents and ideas. Remember that the little touches are the ones that often make a space feel truly unique and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a moving company that can help you switch residences without skipping a beat, Baymeadows movers is the professional, experienced resource you’re looking for. Get started today by calling for your free quote.