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Moving Fine Art and Antiques – Tips from Top Island Movers

Posted on: June 15, 2018 Baymeadows Moving and Storage June 15, 2018

island moversThink twice before you move your antiques and fine art yourself. If you are moving into or out of Jacksonville, FL, it’s always best to hire experienced island movers, like Baymeadows Moving & Storage, to reduce your risk of damaging or losing expensive and rare items. It’s important to hire a moving company with specialized training and the proper equipment to be sure the relocation of your valuables is done correctly and safely. Most moving companies offer packing services, but sometimes you’ll need specialty items packed in custom crating for added security. Here are some tips from Baymeadows Moving and Storage to consider:

Estimates and Insurance Options

The moving company will create an estimate and detailed plan for you, after getting an accurate inventory of your antiques and fine art. As part of your moving estimate, you’ll be able to learn about and consider your insurance coverage options. For high-value items, you might prefer full-value replacement insurance from your movers, as well as an additional policy through your own homeowner’s insurance provider. This way, if there is any damage from an unforeseen accident, you will have the proper amount of protection for repair or replacement at current value. Before moving day, prepare a list of every antique and fine art item you plan to move and take pictures of the items from different angles.


The island movers will separately wrap each item with care using high quality packing materials, moving blankets and crates, as necessary. They’ll cover your items, providing additional protection from scratches and dents or breakage. Your experienced movers will take the heavier items into the truck using 2-wheelers. They’ll load the truck and strap down your antique furniture pieces, boxed and crated items so they are secure in the truck during transport. Movers are mindful to place the lighter items on top to keep them safe and to save space in the truck.

Fine Art Pieces
It is best to place fine art pieces in their original boxes, if available. Otherwise, the island movers will wrap items with good packing materials and secure it all with heavy-duty tape or place inside specialty boxes. Telescope boxes are used for transporting larger pieces. Just the same as with your antique pieces, a wooden crate might be necessary for exceptionally large or odd-shaped items. Movers will protect the corners and delicate surfaces from nicks and scratches, then will wrap the items in specific paper that can allow items to breathe, to avoid mold or mildew, especially in warmer weather. Once again, the movers take special care when loading the fine art pieces into the truck, preventing them from shifting or falling over during transport.

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