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Items Commonly Damaged During a Move and How to Protect Them by Your Local Movers

Posted on: October 19, 2018 Baymeadows Moving and Storage February 13, 2019

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The reality – no matter how hard you work to protect your household goods, accidents do happen. The best way to reduce the risk of damage is to spend little time researching a few of your local movers and find out who has the best-rated packing services. However, if you decide to do your own packing, here are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of damage to your possessions. local movers, Baymeadows - Jacksonville, FL

Glassware – anything made of glass fights for first place in the list of things most commonly broken during a move. With this in mind, you can see just how important making sure everything is properly packed. Plates are a perfect example of things that are improperly packed. The right way is to layer the bottom of the box with bubble wrap or towels and then stack the plates on their sides with packing paper between them. Any voids in the box can be filled with more bubble wrap, towels, t-shirts, etc.

Furniture – many local movers fail to wrap furniture because of the odd shapes, which consequentially is why furniture sits at the top of the list. To keep your furniture safe, remove loose and detachable parts, remove the drawers and wrap small parts in bubble wrap. Use moving blankets to protect the larger pieces.

Lampshades – lampshades are odd shapes and delicate, which accounts for why they are so easily damaged. Start with a box large enough to hold the lampshade, add one soft towel or blanket to the bottom of the box, and then place the lampshade in the box. Use crumpled packing paper to fill any open spaces in the box, add another towel on top of the lampshade, seal the box shut with tape and mark it fragile.

Electronics – local movers say electronic equipment has a very high potential for damage. If you have them, pack your electronics in the original carton. If not, then use a box of similar size, remove all cords and bundle them up using a rubber band. Tape all moving parts in place and add a layer of bubble wrap in the bottom of the box. Wrap the item in more bubble wrap, place it in the box, fill the empty spaces with more bubble wrap, t-shirts, towels, or any other soft cloth.

Works of Art – smaller items can be shipped in a box, while larger ones might need to have custom crates built for them. If you are using a box, line the bottom with bubble wrap or crumpled paper, remove any glass, and wrap the item in bubble wrap. Place it in the box and add more bubble wrap to protect the item before sealing the box.

Although with care, you can do your part to protect your possessions, the best way to make sure your property arrives intact, is to hire local movers like Baymeadows to do the packing for you. For more information contact Baymeadows Moving and Storage at (904) 737-3530 and let us give you a free estimate.