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Local Movers Jacksonville, FL: How to Prepare Your Children for A Move

Posted on: July 17, 2020 Baymeadows Moving and Storage July 17, 2020

The closer you get to moving day, there more things there are to do to ensure a successful relocation. But will your worried little ones make it difficult to plan, pack, and prepare everything? Indeed, this can be a very challenging time for children, especially when they’re younger and don’t fully grasp what’s going on. Survive these overwhelming times with the following tried-and-true tips from our Baymeadows local movers in Jacksonville, FL.

Local Movers Jacksonville, FL - Baymeadows Movers

  1. Start Planning and Packing Early

The big day can feel like it snuck up on you out of the blue and you’re ill prepared for the move. Of course, this happens to most people, as planning a transfer is indeed a huge undertaking. Prevent a whole lot of stress by doing things as far in advance as possible, such as packing boxes and cleaning up the premises. In doing so, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the move and thus less stressed – which your kids will definitely appreciate.

  1. Create a Moving-Week Schedule

With your little ones, plan a simple yet fun moving-week meal schedule. Ask them to choose a few of their easy-to-make favorites so they’re happier, even though the move is right around the corner. Don’t overextend yourself and plan complicated meals. Again, you want to keep things simple but enjoyable for all.

  1. Stick to Routines

There’s nothing less stressful than experiencing the expected, particularly when you’re a child. While it may be hard to stick to the usual routine right now, try to do so as much as you can. Adhering to the usual family schedules removes a lot of the anxiety that comes with the unknown, which in this case for children is the relocation itself. Hiring local movers in Jacksonville, FL will provide you with that extra help to allow you to keep the usual nap, mealtime, and sleep routine.

  1. Let Your Kids Make Decisions

Allow your children to be more involved in the move by letting them make decisions. Obviously, this doesn’t mean big decisions! Rather, allow them to decide on smaller things like what clothes to pack first, where to place the toys, and which box will hold the superhero costumes. By allowing to make some decisions, they’ll feel more in control of what’s going on around them.

  1. Allow for a Period of Adjustment

Patience is key here. Without a doubt, you’ll likely be dealing with some string emotions for a little while, and this is completely normal. In some cases, a full adjustment to their new surroundings and situation may even take up to a year.

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