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Local Moving Companies Tips: Getting Back Your Cleaning Deposit

Posted on: November 10, 2017 Baymeadows Moving and Storage March 5, 2018

Renting can be an excellent way to hold you over as you try to find a permanent residence or test the waters of your new city before deciding your next move. Apart from the rock ‘n’ roll neighbor playing loud music on the other side of the thin wall, the ever-stomping neighbor right above you, and the never-ending hassle of fighting for parking spots, renting an apartment can result in another great annoyance – cleaning deposit. Fortunately, you are way ahead of your thoughts. Here are a few pointers you can get from any local moving companies you talk to.

  1. Document early – From the moment you get into your new apartment, make sure you video-record everything. You can use your smartphone or that digital camera you’ve always had for this purpose. Take a tour around the house checking all the drawers, the faucet, the wardrobes, doorknobs, the floor, and anything else that can be taped. You will use this as a proof in future when your landlord claims that you are the one responsible for the damage that was already there before you even moved in.
  2. Be thorough in cleaning – When you first moved into a new apartment, the vinyl flooring was coated with dust. You probably assumed that the mess may have resulted from the previous tenant’s move out efforts, but there are chances they were penalized for leaving such a mess behind. As a rule of thumb, do not leave behind any kind of mess for someone else to clean. When you are moving out, put on you gloves and scrub off all the floor and wall coating to avoid being penalized.
  3. Do not move out alone – It is advisable to move out (if possible) the same day your roommate plans to move out and hire any of the local moving companies within your area. Seems off – how is this useful in the case of a security deposit? Well, if your roommate who is also your well-known friend, for instance, left behind a broken window, that now becomes your responsibility. However, moving out the same time will make it possible for both of you to tackle your tasks together.
  4. Repair – Are repairs really necessary? That’s a big YES! Don’t be afraid to grease your elbow. You probably had some pictures hanging from your wall so you thought the best thing is to fill them with chalk. That can be problematic since it could stand out when the landlord is running their inspection. What you should do is make the time to properly repair those aspects that need to be fixed. Cutting corners may cause you your deposit.
  5. Do a run-through – Most local moving companies know the importance of a run-through and always advice their clients to do so. It may look like an unnecessary step to take, but a mock inspection will help you identify areas you failed to address. It can bring up some additional tasks to handle, but a run-through is the recommended final steps to ensuring you get that deposit back in your pocket.