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Long Distance Moving Companies In Jacksonville, FL: How to Save the Most Money on Your Move

Posted on: July 24, 2020 Baymeadows Moving and Storage July 29, 2020

Relocating to a new house is no doubt exciting, but it can come along with a bevy of unforeseen expenses too. Advance planning is indeed the key to keeping your costs low. Not sure where to start? Let us help you with the following advice from one of the leading long distance moving companies in Jacksonville, FL – Baymeadows Movers.

Baymeadows Moving and Storage in Jacksonville, FL

Choose an Off-Season Date

Opt for an off-season move – that is, some time between October and April – for the best prices on your transfer. Throughout the rest of the year, professional movers see high demand, and as such, match their rates accordingly. However, outside of these much-in-demand months, companies normally drum up business by lowering their fees.

Declutter and Downsize

In the weeks and months leading up to the big day, take the time to declutter your home, setting aside the things you no longer need. These items can then be donated or thrown out, depending on their condition. Alternatively, you can also sell these things via an online forum or at a garage sale. Downsizing can greatly reduce moving expenses, since you won’t have to pay to transfer things you didn’t want to keep in the first place.

Buy Time with a Moving Container

Many long-distance moving companies in Jacksonville, FL offer moving containers that can be particularly helpful. Additionally, they can buy you time in the sense that you’re not rushed to pack everything so quickly. Rather, you can do so at your own pace, adding to the container whenever you wish. Usually, these containers are placed in your driveway up to several months in advance. When you’re done loading it, it can be transferred to your new home or stored with the moving coming until needed.

Find Free or Discounted Moving Supplies

Save some extra cash by hunting around for free or discounted moving supplies. Keep an eye out for promotional offers or sales at your local office supply stores, and stock up on necessities like packaging tape and labels. Boxes, on the other hand, can be easily found for free at department, liquor, and grocery stores. As you acquire them, fill them up bit by bit so your packing is less intense closer to moving day.

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