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Clever Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home from Our Moving Services in Jacksonville, FL

Posted on: May 9, 2019 Baymeadows Moving and Storage May 9, 2019

Recently moved to a new house? Here are some tips from moving services in Jacksonville, FL to help your new house feel like home

If you’re in a new place in Jacksonville, you might be looking around the house and wondering how it will ever really feel like you live there. It’s normal to feel like things are a little alien during the process of getting settled in. From helpful moving services in Jacksonville, FL, here are five quick tips to help you make your new house your home. Moving services jacksonville fl - Baymeadows Moving and Storage

#1. Unpack and Organize

This is the first, most fundamental reason people don’t feel at home at the getgo. It’s awkward to be standing in a new dwelling with none of your belongings around you. When they’re all packed in brown boxes towering around you, it almost feels like you should be moving out. Really take time to unpack and organize the way you want it. Throwing things in drawers just so you can get to bed, get to lunch, or get on with life will leave you feeling slightly dissatisfied, whether you know it or not.

#2. Get Your Furniture Where You Want It

If you’re using a moving service in Jacksonville, FL, make sure you communicate clearly where you want your bulkier furniture. If they’re unpacking your elliptical and you’re hoping they’ll move it to the corner instead of right by the window, chances are they won’t get the memo. Make sure you’re communicating with your chosen moving company exactly where you want your things. If you’re using Baymeadows, service will be quick and friendly, and they’ll make sure you have the best moving service experience in Jacksonville, FL.

#3. Decorate

Some people want to wait to decorate their new houses until things are more “settled down”. Don’t wait. Decorating now will help give you peace of mind about the surroundings really being yours, and you’ll have more time to focus on other things in your life, like your new job or starting classes.

#4. Fill it with Light

If you’re in a new, dimly-lit house that seems empty and gloomy, it’s no wonder you don’t completely feel at home. Open the windows. Turn on the lamps and lights surrounding you. Get more if you need to. Filling your place with light will make it inviting and warm and homey. If you’re not sure where to go for good lights and lamps, you can ask around on Facebook or ask other moving services in Jacksonville, FL where they recommend.

#5. Pick a Scent

When you feel your new place is organized, cleaned, brightly lit, and filled with your own things, take time to pick out a new wax warmer or wall plugin that will make your home smell delicious. Pick a fruity, exotic smell if that’s what your old house smelled like, or go with a new, warm vanilla or fresh linen scent. Make sure it smells like home to you.

With your new house feeling more and more like a home by the minute, you should also consider who will be there, who lives with you, and whether or not you want a pet. Surrounding yourself with friend and family and cute little animals will bring home to you.

If you’re looking for moving services in Jacksonville, FL, Baymeadows is a wonderful option made up of an experienced team and warm smiles who will help you feel right at home. Give them a call today!