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Baymeadows Moving and Storage
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Military Approved Warehouse Storage

Our 36,000 square feet of warehouse space have been Military Approved since 2004.  Military approval is considered to be the highest level of security clearance for goods storage. Military approval requires the highest safeguards and measurements in place to prevent theft or loss.  Our warehouses have consistently received “A” ratings from the Department of the Army Quality Control Program.  We receive these high ratings because of our facilities have:

  • 24 Hour Warehouse Alarm and Security System
  • 24 Hour Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire Protection Sprinkler System
  • Monthly Pest Control
  • Quality Assurance Monitoring

Moving agents are awarded military shipments based on Best Value Scores, which are primarily a result of the Customer Satisfaction Scores given by military members after their relocations.  As a military approved agent, Baymeadows Moving and Storage strives to give the utmost professional service to our service members and their families.


The moving team were on time and very respectful of our belongings. If anybody were to ask me for a recommendation on movers, I would definitely recommend Baymeadows Movers. We had a neighbor that recommended them to us and that's how we found out about them. They were absolutely great. They took care of everything

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Baymeadows Moving and Storage
6419 Philips Highway
Jacksonville, FL 32216

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