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Making Your Move More Environmentally Friendly - Tips from Long Distance Movers

Posted on: January 11, 2019 Baymeadows Moving and Storage January 11, 2019

Long Distance Movers Know the Importance of a Green Move

Moving isn’t exactly a green experience. The carbon footprint of transporting your family and household items isn’t small, especially when you need the help of long distance movers or cross country movers. But you can work to make your move more environmentally conscious, and some of these tricks can make your move easier, too. The long distance movers at Baymeadows have gathered these tips to help you make your move greener: Long distance movers, Baymeadows - Jacksonville, FL

  1. You might already have boxes that you’ve accumulated throughout the year, or that electronics and other items came in. You can also find boxes from retail stores, grocery stores, and liquor stores that can usually be given away. It might take a little more effort to track down a good source of boxes and bring them home, but it’s a great step to using fewer new materials and recycling existing resources.
  2. Plastic storage bins. If you know you’ll also need organization space in your new home, invest in a few plastic storage bins. They are great during moves, and can be used later as organization in your garage, attic, basement, or shed. As long as you know you’ll continue using them after your move, investing in a few bins is a great choice.
  3. Packing materials. One trick the long distance movers at Baymeadows recommend is using items you already own as packing materials. In your kitchen, consider using your dish towels, oven mitts, or other soft items as padding as you pack. Raid your linen closet, and even your own closet, for other soft things that can be wrapped around items as you pack.
  4. Make donations. Decluttering before a move can help reduce the amount of items you need to move, and it’s also a chance for you to streamline how your new space will look and feel. Donating gently used household goods, books, and clothing means you’ll need to pack and move less, and it gives those items a chance for a great second use in someone else’s home.
  5. Minimize the amount of trips you make. Long distance movers know that the more trips you make between your old home and your new one will increase the amount of resources you use transporting goods. Leaving most of the labor to your long distance movers is not only more fuel efficient, but also a more efficient use of your time and labor.

The teams at Baymeadows are dedicated to providing you with a great experience for your next move, reducing the stress you feel and helping your family make a new home no matter how far you need to go. We provide packing, moving, storage, and unpacking services that can be customized to meet your timeline and budget.

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