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Our Movers and Packers Say Get Your Deposit Back with an Apartment Move Out Checklist

Posted on: January 25, 2019 Baymeadows Moving and Storage February 13, 2019

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Now that your lease is up and the time has come to move to your new home, one thing on your mind is likely to be whether or not you will be getting your deposit back once you move out of your old apartment. At Baymeadows, our movers and packers have put together a checklist of things you should be doing as you move out to ensure you don’t lose part or all your security/damage deposit.

1. The Move-In Checklist

Hopefully, you filled out the pre-move-in checklist provided by your landlord or the property management company when you moved in and took photographs of any damage and areas that don’t look up to par. The more you document things like this, our movers and packers say the less the likelihood you will have issues with the landlord. Be sure you keep a copy and give your landlord a signed and dated copy of the checklist.  Movers and Packers - Baymeadows, Jackonsville, FL

2. The Move-Out Photo Album

Once your household goods have been removed, and you have cleaned the place from top to bottom, turn on the time/date stamp feature of your digital camera (yes, your phone can do this too) and take lots of pictures highlighting how the apartment looked the day you moved out. This way if anything happens afterward you have proof it wasn’t you. If you can’t email them directly to the landlord/property management company on the same day, deliver them as soon as possible.

3. One Last Look at the Lease

Be sure you go over your lease one more time to make sure you are not breaking it and to see how much notice you must give of your intent to vacate. If the end of your lease is coming up, you can simply move out. But, in many cases, your lease will automatically renew, in which case you could end up forfeiting your deposits for breaking the “new” lease. For those on a month-to-month lease, you will probably be required to give 30 days’ notice. Be sure your landlord gives you a dated receipt for your notice, this way there can be no arguments.

4. Know Your Rights

It pays to know what the landlord-tenant laws are in your state, county, and city. Having this information at hand can prove to be invaluable if you have a recalcitrant landlord. For example, in Chicago, real estate attorneys recommend you send your landlord a letter stating your intent to move at the end of your lease and that you are aware of the laws and expect to receive a full refund of your security deposit or a detailed written explanation of why you aren’t getting it.

5. Make the Place Look Good

Patch holes in the walls, repaint the walls to match their original colors, steam clean the carpets, clean the windows, appliances, cabinets inside and out, and make your apartment look as good if not better than the day you rented it. Make sure you take photos when all is done.

6. The Final Walk-Through

Have your landlord come to the apartment for a final walk-through inspection. While this is not required, most will be happy to do so and provide you with a written checklist of any issues they found and how much it cost to make the necessary repairs or replacements. When it’s all done, give your landlord the keys and your forwarding address so that they can send you a check for your security deposit.

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