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Movers in Jacksonville Can Show You How to Avoid DIY Movers Mistakes

Posted on: August 22, 2018 Baymeadows Moving and Storage August 22, 2018

DIY Movers Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

One of the greateMovers Jacksonville, FLst blunders many people make when the time comes to move is to think that a DIY move will save you money. While it is possible that doing-it-yourself might save you money, not knowing how to pack things and secure them in the truck can end up costing you more than hiring professional movers in Jacksonville. Here are a few of the more common mistakes do-it-yourselfers make and ways to avoid them as offered by the best moving companies.

Start with the Right Supplies

The best movers in Jacksonville will arrive at your home armed with a selection of heavy-duty moving boxes designed to stack easily. You should have the same, along with plenty of packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, a permanent marker, and a selection of labels. You may also want to buy or rent a two-wheel dolly for moving heavy boxes, appliances, and furniture. The dolly will also cut down on the number of trips you have to make back and forth.

Along with all of this, you need heavy-duty moving blankets and pads for added protection along with straps and ratcheting tie-downs to secure your load in the truck. You can use the straps for lifting heavy items that require two-person lift techniques.

Pack with Care

Be sure to use extra care when packing breakable items; they are no good to you if they arrive at your new home broken. When you hire a professional moving company to pack your home, they will send a team of highly experienced packers who have specialized methods for packing your valuables. Once individually wrapped, each piece will be packed in a box marked fragile. Their goal is to ensure everything is packed in such a manner as to ensure they arrive safely. Whether you are shipping a mirror, lampshades, or furniture, all will arrive in the same condition it was shipped in.

Avoid the temptation to let just anyone help you pack. It’s easy to round up your family and friends to help you pack. However, chances are good things are going to go awry right from the outset. Quality movers in Jacksonville assemble teams that include skilled packers, competent lifters, and specialists who know how to correctly load a truck. When you use friends, who have no idea what they are doing, your household belongings can be damaged, your friends can become injured, and the whole process can take far too long to complete.

Loading the Truck

Finally, the truck must be properly packed to ensure your load doesn’t shift in transit should you have to take a sharp turn or sudden stop. Professional loaders know how to pack the truck properly to ensure it stays in place all the way to your new home. Keep these pointers in mind if you start thinking about a DIY move. If you decide that it makes more sense to hire professional movers in Jacksonville for your next move, contact Bay Meadows Moving and Storage at (904) 737-3530 and talk to one of our moving specialists who will work with you to design a custom moving plan just for you!