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Advice for Movers in St. Augustine, FL on Planning a Moving Sale

Posted on: March 20, 2018 Baymeadows Moving and Storage March 20, 2018

One of the smartest moving hacks is to get rid of unnecessary clutter before you move. Movers in St. Augustine, Florida often accomplish this by having a moving sale. If you plan to do so, we hope the following tips will be helpful for a successful sale.

First, be sure that you don’t need a permit from the city.  Usually it’s not required, but you are better off to be safe than shut down and fined later. Next, select a date for your moving sale well in advance and put an ad in the local newspaper the week prior. Allow yourself an ample number of days to get ready. Late spring and early fall are the most popular seasons and you will find that the most popular days for moving sales are Fridays and Saturdays. If it’s already warm in the daytime, you will want to start early in the morning. You will probably draw your largest crowd early. Don’t be surprised to find shoppers arriving an hour before you are ready! It’s almost a competitive sport looking for the sales of movers in St. Augustine, Florida!

Before your sale, declutter and eliminate, going through each room of your house.  Keep an eye out for extra items and duplicates. If you have items you haven’t used in years, seriously consider whether you really want to move these to your next location or grab some fast cash from the sale instead! Check your attic, basement and garage for things you want to sell, too! Put a price tag on everything you don’t want.  Your unwanted items will likely be someone else’s treasure!

The day before the sale is sure to be a busy one. Make or buy moving sale signs for your yard and nearby street corners and put them into their spots the night before. Get plenty of change in small bills from the bank and have your cashbox conveniently located in a safe place. Grab a comfortable chair to sit on in between customers. An organized sale is appealing to shoppers. Sort and group clothing, shoes, books, tools, kitchen items and miscellaneous things as best you can. Just use masking tape and a permanent pen for price tags.

You are unlikely to sell everything you price at the sale. Movers in St. Augustine, Florida can turn to local moving company Baymeadows Moving and Storage for recommendations on where to donate unwanted goods.