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Moving With Seniors: Tips from Local Movers in Jacksonville, FL

Posted on: October 23, 2019 Baymeadows Moving and Storage October 23, 2019

Local movers in Jacksonville FL offer some tips on how to move with a senior parent or loved one.

Moving is rough on all age groups, especially the elderly. Older people may be very attached to their current residence and may feel an acute loss of independence if they need to move for mental or physical reasons. Local movers in Jacksonville, FL at Baymeadows Moving and Storage are here to give some advice on how to move with a senior parent or loved one.


Talk through options with them
If they are able, it is imperative to let your senior parent or loved one have the final say in where they end up. One of the worst parts of moving as a senior is the perceived loss of independence, so in order to keep spirits high, it is important to make sure they know they have the determinate say in what happens.

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Pack Room by Room
Odds are your senior parent or loved one has a lot of possessions and memorabilia they have collected over the years. Unfortunately, your likely won’t be able to bring everyhting during the move. Go through their house room by room and make an inventory of what needs to stay and what needs to go.


Figure out accommodations
If your loved one is moving due to mental or physical issues, then they may need special accommodations at their new residence. Consult your loved one and their doctor on what kind of living help your loved one may need.


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