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Tips From Professional Movers: Moving During The Holidays

Posted on: November 16, 2017 Baymeadows Moving and Storage March 5, 2018

Moving can be challenging, but having to relocate during the holidays can be especially stressful. When you try to balance the responsibilities of the festivities and moving, you can find yourself extremely overwhelmed. Knowing how to handle a move during Thanksgiving is important, so you make time to enjoy the occasion with your family. Here are some tips from professional movers on how to move during the holidays.

• Don’t ignore Thanksgiving. Embrace it instead – Share in the holiday cheer with the professional movers by including them in your ceremonies and celebrations. Have refreshments and snacks for your family, as well as the movers. Include some cookies, hot tea and cider. If you have children, let them decorate the moving boxes with Thanksgiving decorations.

• Schedule Around the Festivities – If you and your family love football, have some ball to throw around whenever you are in between moving breaks. You can also keep track of football on the radio or TV. This will give you an opportunity to make your Thanksgiving more fun and memorable.

• Set Your Dinner Plans Ahead of Time – If you are planning to move within the same metropolitan area and you have family and friends you can host on the Thanksgiving dinner, make the plans with them. If you are relocating to another city and happen to know some friends there, set aside all the things you would need for a picnic dinner. Make sure you make all the necessary arrangements to invite them. Set up a picnic dinner in your new residence and invite everyone you know to celebrate Thanksgiving with you.

• Do Not Overexert – When relocating during the Thanksgiving, try not to stress or overexert yourself. Some people think that it’s advisable to work on the moving all night long. It is essential to know that working throughout will only decrease your productivity, meaning that you’ll not be able to make any significant headway on the packing.

• Recommend a Hotel to Your Guest – If you have guests coming in to stay with you during the Thanksgiving, it may be helpful to recommend another relative’s home or a hotel. Since you are planning to relocate, it is highly likely that you have boxes everywhere in your home. Adding people to that mess only makes the situation complicated.

However, don’t pass up help if your family and friends are coming in for Thanksgiving as these people can help you to pack. Alternatively, you can hire professional movers to move everything on your behalf so you can sit back and enjoy your holiday.