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How to Pack Electronics for a Move: Tips from Movers in Jacksonville Beach FL

Posted on: December 27, 2019 Baymeadows Moving and Storage December 27, 2019

Baymeadows movers in Jacksonville Beach, FL give some tips on how to pack electronics for a move

If you are preparing for a move your first instinct might be to just toss whatever you can into moving boxes. We appreciate your gusto, but you should not pack up everything into boxes. Some items are more fragile than others. Electronics, for example, need to be specially packed to prevent damage. Baymeadows movers in Jacksonville Beach, FL are here to give some advice on how to pack electronics for a move.

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Take the Batteries Out

First things first, go through your electronics and take out any removable batteries. Batteries stored in a moving truck can overheat and burst, ruining your electronics. Take out all the batteries and keep them in one place.

Remove CDs and DVDs

Make sure to remove all CDs and DVDs from your devices, like DVD players, video game consoles, and DC players (if you still have one). CDs and DVDs can get scratched during a move and also mess up the disc reading mechanisms. Movers in Jacksonville Beach, FL recommend packing up your CDS and DVDs in their original cases.

Back-Up Any Important Data

If you are moving a computer, make sure to back up all your hard drives in case of an emergency. You can back up your data with an external hard drive or the cloud.

Use Lots of Cushion

Make sure to properly cushion your electronics when packing them into boxes. Towels and bubble wrap are two good cushioned materials to use. Arrange the items in the box so there is a minimal amount of void space in the box.

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