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Advice from Professional Movers for Moving on Short Notice

Posted on: May 18, 2018 Baymeadows Moving and Storage June 7, 2018

professional movers Moving a household can be a challenge, but moving to a new location on short notice can be even more stressful, unless you have professional movers to help. Choosing the best moving team makes a difference when you have a short amount of time to prepare everything.

There are also some steps that you can take on your own to help things along:

Keep a List Handy
Write down everything you can think of in advance, so you don’t have anything left for the last minute. At the top of your list, make your change of address with the post office as soon as you have secured a moving date. Create a list of your utilities, then make calls to each company to get their shut-off and turn-on dates scheduled.

Leave the Packing to the Experts
Let your professional movers do a full-service packing! This one item not only eliminates a great deal of physical work, but it gives you more time to work on the list of other important things. When you hire experienced movers, they’ll handle your household goods with care. You can rest assured that they will safely pack your belongings, keeping everything organized and clearly labeled. This is a tremendous time saver and will help you get settled into your new home more quickly.

Find Resources in Your New Neighborhood
Moving can be especially hard when you have children or pets. Enroll the kids into the new schools or day care as quickly as possible. Additionally, you’ll be looking for doctors, urgent care clinics, or other medical resources. Find babysitters by calling local churches or libraries for lists of teenagers or seniors to call for help. Make time for some recreation, even if it’s just small amounts of time, so the family relaxes a little bit. When you have pets in your household, don’t forget to make accommodations for them, as well. Talk to your veterinarian to decide how to transport the pets safely, so they are under the least amount of stress possible.

When your relocation involves a job or career change, you’ll need to be your best when you arrive to your new home, so delegate as much as possible to your professional movers. When you hire an experienced moving company like Baymeadows Moving and Storage, your short-notice move will be smoother than you could have imagined. Contact us today to speak to a moving specialist about how we can help you and your family with your next relocation.