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Baymeadows Moving and Storage – Jacksonville, FL Movers Go Green

Baymeadows Moving and Storage Jacksonville FLBaymeadows Moving and Storage are top Jacksonville, FL movers who are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. We have our own baler, recycling bins at each desk, and every warehouse has a recycling area. After clients unpack, movers make truck runs to get the opened, used boxes, and paper for recycling. Boxes and packing is inspected to determine if it can be reused. The paper and boxes that are damaged are baled for recycling. “Bales are anywhere from 1,000 to 1,200 pounds each,” says company owner, Mike McCreary. We recycle paper and cardboard in the tens of thousands of pounds, with one of the largest pick-ups weighing in at 41,000 pounds.

Green Moving and Storage
Our Jacksonville, FL movers also have a container for metal recycling for things such as steel bedrails, old file cabinets, and bases of certain chairs. We believe recycling these metal items is especially important because of the space these items consume in landfills and the fact that they do not break down. “I try to do everything I possibly can,” says McCreary. “I even took out ads in the local newspaper about recycling stating, ‘Recycle Jacksonville. It’s the right thing to do! Sponsored by Baymeadows Moving and Storage.’”

Charitable Giving
As movers, Baymeadows staff comes in contact with a lot of furniture that people don’t want any more. Instead of simply throwing these items in the trash, Baymeadows gives items to local non-profit organizations in Jacksonville for them to be able to sell for a profit. Those profits then benefit community members that are in need of assistance.

      • AngelAid – Baymeadows Moving and Storage donates and transports unwanted items from our customers to be sold in AngelAid thrift stores. The profit from these items covers the living expenses, food, and medical care for children suffering from serious illness or abuse.
      • Habijax – We also donate unwanted furniture and housewares to the local branch of Habitat for Humanity in Jacksonville, FL

If you are moving soon and are interested in an environmentally friendly move then call our Jacksonville, FL movers today! We are glad to assist your move and make it as green as possible.

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