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Beat the Heat: Tips for Moving During the Summer From Movers in Jacksonville, FL

Posted on: June 25, 2019 Baymeadows Moving and Storage June 25, 2019

Make your summer move as simple as possible with these tips from professional movers in Jacksonville FL.

It summer time which means it moving season. Movers in Jacksonville, FL know that one of the biggest things to deal with during the summer months is the intense heat. Moving is hard enough by itself, even more difficult with the heat of the sun pounding down. With that in mind here are some tips from professional movers in Jacksonville, FL on how to make your summer move as easy as possible.

Plan aheadMovers in Jacksonville, FL

Summer is one of the busiest moving times in the year so you need to plan well in advance to schedule a moving date. The best moving companies will fill up quickly so its best to try to make plans at least a month in advance, preferably two. Make sure to pack up your belonging well before the move as well to make everything go smoothly on the actual moving day.

Protect belongings from the heat

Some items can be damaged by the summer heat while moving is not packed correctly. Things like candles, instruments, CDs, cassettes, and other delicate electronics should not be packed and left in a hot space as they can deform and become warped.

Move early in the day

The best way to beat the heat on moving day is to schedule your move as early as possible. That way you can get the hardest part done before it gets hot around midday and you have an entire day to finish the move. Trust us, movers in Jacksonville, FL will appreciate working during the coolest part of the day.

Wear the right clothing

Make sure you are wearing something lightweight and breathable while making the move. Materials that evaporate sweat and moisture are useful as they keep you from becoming waterlogged with sweat. Black and dark-colored clothing absorb heat more so stay away from those.

Set up utilities before the move

If you are moving during the sweltering summer months make sure to set up your utilities at your new place so the air conditioning is working as soon as you move in. Cooling you house ahead of time makes it easier to move things in and helps you get better acclimated quickly.