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Baymeadows Moving and Storage Jacksonville Goes Green Whenever Possible

Green Moving and Storage

They have their own baler, recycle at their desks, and each warehouse has a recycling area. After clients unpack, they make truck runs to get the opened, used boxes and paper for recycling. “Some may be reused for certain jobs and customers depending on the situation, but the paper and boxes that are damage are baled,” says McCreary. “Bales are anywhere from 1,000 to 1,200 pounds each.” He says he has literally been paid thousands of dollars for recyclable materials, and most of the big movers in this city do it and see the value in it. They recycle paper and cardboard in the tens of thousands of pounds, with one of the largest pick-ups weighing in at 41,000 pounds.

He also has a container for metal recycling for things such as steel bedrails, old file cabinets, and bases of certain chairs. “I try to do everything I possibly can,” says McCreary. “I even took out ads in the local newspaper about recycling stating, ‘Recycle Jacksonville. It’s the right thing to do! Sponsored by Baymeadows Moving and Storage.’ Whether it made a difference or not, who knows? You can’t find it all the time but you can certainly try,” says McCreary. “The recycling program is basically me because I feel guilty if I throw something into the dumpster that I know could possibly be reused somewhere or recycled.” As movers, they get a lot of furniture that people don’t want any more. McCreary gives HabiJax or Angel Aid anything he thinks they can sell for a profit that goes to charity. He also helps the Kiwanis Club with their auction by donating a tractor trailer and a couple of big containers loaded with stuff that they can auction off to generate money to give to their charities.


I just have to let everyone know how wonderful both Fabian and Richey were on 10/31/16 as they moved by mother, at Westminster Woods Jax, FL, into assisted living there. They were so upbeat, hard working, fast, intuitive, and just plain fantastic. I will never use anyone but Baymeadows Movers from now on. Absolutely awesome!!

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Baymeadows Moving and Storage
6419 Philips Highway
Jacksonville, FL 32216

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