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What You'll Need for Your First Apartment - Tips from the Apartment Movers in Jacksonville FL

Posted on: February 8, 2019 Baymeadows Moving and Storage February 13, 2019

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Whether you’re moving out of mom’s house, college dorms, military housing, or even downsizing, making a comfortable home for yourself in your first apartment requires some planning. The apartment movers Jacksonville FL residents use at Baymeadows can help you get ready for your move date, and also help your move go smoothly.

As you get ready to move to your apartment, you’ll need to consider:

Packing the essentials. One way to make your move easier, and the unpacking and organizing you’ll do in your new apartment, is to pare down what you’ll move in to your new space. The apartment movers Jacksonville FL trust know that moving in to a smaller space might come as a shock, but it’s easier to manage when you feel like you’re in control of the space, how it gets used, and how your items get stored. Consider decluttering before your move by donating clothes, books, or kitchen items you haven’t used in more than a year. apartment movers in jacksonville, fl - Baymeadows Moving & Storage

Making a floor plan. Before you move, get a floor plan from your apartment complex’s website or site manager. Then, think through how you’d like your big furniture pieces to fit into your new space. You might realize that you have too much living room furniture, or that the armoire currently in your bedroom will need to be placed in a hallway. The apartment movers Jacksonville FL uses most have seen many new apartment dwellers get stuck on how to organize their small space. Understanding what will fit comfortably in your space, and where, will help your move day go more smoothly.

Creating a storage system. Even the minimalists among us will find themselves in need of stackable crates, under-the-bed storage bins, extra shelving, or some other storage solution. When thinking about storage, take an inventory of your belongings, and what won’t find an easy home in the bathroom, linen closet, or other spaces in your apartment. Those are the items you’ll need to come prepared with your own storage solutions for.

Changing some habits. Moving into an apartment often means you’ll be dealing with some extra keys (for a building front door, a mail room, a garage or storage space, etc.) You’ll probably change how your kitchen is organized. You might also be changing your commute to work, or where you stop for groceries or gas. Each of these little changes can make you feel like you’re off balance, but you can also make changes in your apartment that make those new habits easier. You can hang a key organizer next to your front door to keep track of any keys for your building; you can also organize your kitchen so that it makes the most sense for your morning routine. Think through the ways you can facilitate your new habits, and you’ll soon feel more at home in your new space and your new routines.

As the apartment movers Jacksonville FL trusts, Baymeadows offers comprehensive packing, moving, and storage services for your residential move, no matter how big or small. If you’re getting ready to move into your new apartment, contact us today to learn more about our affordable apartment moving services.