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Preparation is Key

Tips to make your residential or commercial move simple and successful.


“A quality move at a fair price is better than a poor move at any price.” – Mike McCreary

Residential Moves

Tips for Preparing for a Residential Move

Deciding which items you want to keep and which items you will dispose of. For items that you would like to sell, have a garage sale or list items online through Facebook Marketplace or Nextdoor.

When packing yourself, accumulate materials for packing. Often boxes can be obtained at work or at retail stores. The majority of our moves, our customers opt for the full pack or partial pack, which makes moving day a whole lot easier on you!

Calculate a plan for your move. Pack one room at a time; jumping from room to room is counterproductive.

Stack packed boxes in one or two main locations. This reduces the amount of time movers take to move boxes from house to truck. Near the front entry or in the garage are excellent locations for boxes.

Baymeadows Movers will not move open containers or boxes. All such items must be sealed with tape.

Do not pack firearms, ammunition, cleaners, aerosols, flammables, combustibles, detergents or propane in boxes to be moved by movers. Florida law prohibits transportation of such items in commercial vehicles.

Long distance movies require all items to be packed.

Prior to arrival of movers, secure money, jewelry, medications and valuables.

Residential Local Move Checklist

  • Unhook appliances, wind up electrical cords and secure the hoses from your washing machine.

  • Pack boxes carefully using plenty of paper. Make sure boxes have tops or flaps that can be sealed with tape. Remember, we are not responsible for the contents of cartons that we don’t pack. Learn about our expert packing services.

  • Empty desks and nightstands. These items frequently get turned on their sides in transport.

  • Secure all small items such as jewelry, coins, papers, etc. Put your keys, medications, remote control and checkbook where you can find them. These are usually things you want to get to quickly, once you get to the new place!

  • In general, be prepared. Strive for a situation where movers can walk in, pick up a piece and move it to the truck. The less time the movers spend using their tools to disassemble or disconnect, the faster the move will go.

Commercial Moves

Tips for Preparing for a Commercial Move

  • Purge – discard old files, papers, furniture, etc.

  • Move personal items to the car.

  • Pack and empty all furniture.

  • Keep all keys in a briefcase or personal box.

  • If you feel overwhelmed at all, just call us. We are more than happy to walk you through.

Tips for Packing & Labeling a Commercial Move

Pack boxes to their fullest capacity. Make sure boxes have tops or flaps, so that they can be locked or taped. Remember you are responsible for the items you pack. Make sure the boxes have been tagged or labeled. Tag on the short side or handle side of each box.

Empty desks, shelves, credenzas, storage cabinets. These are sometimes turned on end or their sides. Lateral file cabinets are best moved empty. Vertical files can be moved loaded in most cases. Your move representative will advise.

All furniture should be tagged to correspond with the room or location where it is being moved to.

Strive to be ready. Movers are not responsible for moving loose items, in most relocations.

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